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About JDBE

  Print ISSN: 1823-4208
E-ISSN: 2232-1500
Publisher: Faculty of Built Environment, University of Malaya
An International refereed Journal. Published since 2005.
The Journal of Design and Built Environment (JDBE) is a free open access publication and published twice yearly in June and December by the Faculty of Built Environment, University of Malaya. Available online, JDBE normally contains four academic papers of wide-ranging topics reporting on issues in the built environment including:
·         Urban Design
·         Urban Governance/Management
·         Sustainable Design
·         Urban Conservation
·         Architectural Technology
·         Urban Transportation
·         Architectural Conservation
·         Urban Economics & Regeneration
·         Theory and History
·         Urban Poverty
·         Information Technology in Architecture
·         Advocacy Planning
·         Landscape Accessibility
·         Housing Policy & Regulations
·         User Perception in Landscape
·         Housing Affordability
·         Urban & Rural Landscape
·         Housing Mobility
·         Landscape Design
·         Building Inspection and Audit
·         Interior Building Material
·         Building Forensic and Pathology
·         Interior Space Design
·         Building Control & Regulations
·         Interior Ornamentation & Symbolism
·         Building Services
·         Furniture Design, Loose & Built In
·         Building Conservation
·         Planning & Development Control
·         Spatial Planning
·         Sustainable Development
·         Recreational & Tourism Planning
·         Regional Planning
·         Transportation & Infrastructure Planning
·         Planning Theory & Philosophy
·         Social & Community Planning
·         Information Technology in Planning
The cases are not refrained to the local context, indeed we have accepted and published various studies from works conducted in South Africa and Indonesia. Our diversity is also reflected in the language of the article, whereby Malay is accepted alongside English. This reflects our standing as a premier university in the Malay-speaking region of South East Asia. Our bilingual policy is aimed at attracting quality research from the region and also promoting knowledge dissemination in Malay-speaking communities. 
JDBE has been conceived with the intention to provide an international forum for discussions and report debates on subject-focused teaching and learning. It also offers a means of publishing the findings of well-founded academic investigations. We are committed to always making improvement to the quality of this Journal; and towards this end, we welcome constructive criticisms and meaningful suggestions.
Our editors are committed in upholding international ethical and professional standards in publication. The quality and consistency of JDBE is further assured by a panel of distinguished and dedicated International Advisors and reviewers who have generously given their valuable time and effort.   

Last update: 05-07-2017